3 Classic, Ultra-Flattering Haircuts Every Woman Over 40 Should Try At Least Once


Has it been a good while since you sat in a salon chair and let a stylist work their magic fingers and scissors on your strands? Can you not remember the last time you visited a salon and asked for something other than a “trim” (no more than an inch or two at most)? Change is hard, especially when it comes to your hair. But if you are feeling a little less than inspired by your current ‘do and are longing for something more stylish, but have no clue where to start, allow Krysta Biancone, co-founder of Amari Salon & Spa and hair stylist at Hair by Krysta, to offer some much-needed inspo.

These looks works for anyone — but are especially classic and flattering if you are over 40. The older you get, the more stretched for time you may be — and you need a style that works every day, regardless of whether you have an hour or 10 minutes to spend in front of the bathroom mirror juggling styling products and heat tools. Check out these three classic, ultra-flattering haircuts every woman over 40 should try at least once.

The Soft Layered Lob
The beauty of the layered lob is that it hits around the shoulders or collarbone area and has soft layers through the bottom, so it provides length — but not too much length, Biancone raves. “Add in a curtain fringe to help soften the style and avoid heaviness for thick hair and add movement and volume for thinner hair,” Biancone said. “The layers allow the hair to lay more flattering with natural texture and the curtain fringe helps accentuate your features. You can part down the middle for a more clean look or part on the side for a fun, youthful style.”

The Shag
The shag haircut is a ‘70s staple that has made an amazing comeback in recent years, and for good reason.

“You can do it on all lengths of hair, It adds movement, texture and volume, can take out unwanted weight, works amazing with natural textures, and helps cut down on style time,” Biancone said. “A shag is an easy way to modernize/update your current style. The shag is great for women who want to keep their long hair but need to add softness around the face to help look more youthful.”

The Bob
No list of classic haircuts is complete without a crowd favorite: the bob. This cut works especially well with thinning hair to make it look healthier and more voluminous. “While the bob has been around for many years it has come a long way from the ‘soccer mom cut,’” Biancone said. “Doing a blunt bob can help with fullness, accentuate the jawline, make you appear taller and slimmer and is extremely versatile in how you can style it. It is a classic haircut that is always in style.”

Go on, make that salon appointment today and treat yourself to a stylish new cut — you won’t regret it!

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